Hitting a Wall at the Wall

Every adventure ain't grand

Finding themselves on their first day at the job on the wall, the Adventurers meet an old cantankerous soldier named Content Not Found: Nyash who is stationed in their barracks. He seems slightly amused at the new recruits and gives them some “great advice”.

That night they have their first encounter along the wall with otherworldly creatures that look like nothing more than nightmarish floating globs of tentacles. They handily dispatch these creatures and the rest of their patrol is uneventful.

This continues for another night, but on the third day something out of the ordinary happens. They awake to a great calamity and are summoned with the rest of the guards to the “Break”. A Break is when a monster gets through the wall, and from the hole this one left, it was a doozy.

Content Not Found: durham_shaw tasks the adventurers with finding the escaped monsters, but only in their spare time between patrols. They are able to track down a few clues, but nothing solid. It seems like the creature is traveling to the Southwest. They don’t get much farther in their investigation when it becomes patrol time.

That night they have an epic battle with


What did we have an epic battle with? Can’t leave me hanging like that!

Hitting a Wall at the Wall

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