Kicking Round Town

Out of the dungeon, mysteries abound

We picked up with the adventurers just having defeated the large group of Demons…

- Searched the bodies found strange markings on their bodies that Greyson recognized as the sign of the Evil God Asmodeus.
- Greyson explains his “dark past” as a dilettante in the City of Waterdeep, who fell in with the wrong crowd (Demon Worshipers). It was all a game until things went terribly wrong and he fled north to escape this horrible scene.
- The players also found a Skeletal Arm, that seems powerful but is also mysterious.

- Upon exiting the crypt they found themselves in the back of a dilapidated manor in the Blacklake District. Upon leaving they were accosted by a stranger that made a grab for whatever the adventurers had. Failing to get anything he took off at a run.

- The adventurers gave chase until they found themselves in a dead end alley with no trace of the assailant. To make matters worse a gang of guards found them led by a jerk named Huath. At this point Locke somehow magically found himself on the roof tops, and since the rest of the group was having no luck talking their way out, he led the guards on a merry chase at which point they lost him. With no leads they decide to head back to the inn where it all began.

- Upon arriving at the House of a Thousand Faces the group chats up Theryis, the owner and bartender. Tawari seems interested in the rumors they hear about wolves attacking Helm’s Hold, but as for the reason why they ended up in the crypt, Theryis asks them to meet her that night after the crowds die down.

- In a back room she explains that they were being tested by her organization. She offers the 500 gold a piece to try and infiltrate Lord Neverember’s guards at the wall to investigate the strange happenings there. They agree and spend the night.

- The next day they travel to the Hall of Justice to offer their services on the wall. Unfortunately, he is out and they must parlay with Soman Galt, the mayor. While seeming a little flaky, he agrees to pay them 100 GP’s a piece for 10 days service.

- On their way to the wall they run into Brayl who they recognize as the person who tried to steal from them leaving the crypt. This time he has a friend, a Dread Protector and a Zombie Rotter, and what seems to be some new and surprising powers. The party handily dismembers his minions and gets Brayl to beg for this life for information.

- He tells them he works for the Thayans and that he does not know much, but was hired to steal the arm from them. Locke believes that sparing his life would be useless and cuts him down.

- The adventurers then finally make it to The Wall and are met by [[:Durham Shaw]] the commander. He assigns them to a tower, lets them get a night of rest, and tomorrow they are to start their duty of walking the wall at night.



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