Important Places throughout Neverwinter

  • The House of a Thousand Faces

    Inn used to be a clothing shop owned by Theryis before the cataclysm. When everyone fled it was left behind and when they returned the newest couture was not the first thing on their mind. When people live through the “end of the world” they want booze and good times. Being the enterprising woman she was, Theryis opened the place back up as an inn, but did not remove any of the mirrors on the walls or many of the mannequins. It has a warm atmosphere and is a favorite place among the more lawful minded citizens of Neverwinter.

  • The Wall

    The Wall is a ramshackle fortification built around Neverwinter to protect the city from the spellscarred lands beyond. Volunteers and soldiers patrol along the wall, battling strange and unrecognizable creatures pouring from the blue scars left by the Spellplague.


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